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About Us

We have been around for just a bit longer than Google, in fact we started in a very similar place to the guys from Mountain View ” Out of a garage”.

If you are interested then please read on.

Please don’t expect miracles as its not that interesting a story.

This is where most websites tell you something along the lines … of We were established to help people move Interstate, we are specialists in interstate moves Australia wide.

Our Aim is to move you our customer professionally and at a fair price and without the hassles.

Blah blah blah….

That is not info about the company, that just fluff and stuff telling people what you think they want to hear

We have never been very good at that, we actually prefer telling the truth!!

Our director, started the business as way to get out of driving long hours all over the country, and to try and see his children grow up.

When we say we have 20 years experience, we mean that we have experienced this business from all sides and at all levels. He spent 12 years driving and working as an Interstate Removalist, and has had experienced all types of moves, from army relocation, to students moving away from home, to just about any other type of move

Our original domain name was registered on July 27 2000, we switched to an Australian domain a few years later

So you can see that we do have plenty of experience, and whilst we may not always have all the answers, we will at least try to help you, tell you what you need to hear, but not always what you want to hear.