How do i pack boxes correctly

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How To Pack a Box When Moving Interstate

Step 1

Use heavy-duty packing tape to secure the bottom of each carton

Step 2

Never fold the bottoms of boxes; from experience, it is not a good feeling lifting a removal carton only to find its contents have emptied over your feet. (Trust me on this one.)

Step 3

Small flaps should be folded in on the bottom inside, with the larger flaps folded in on the bottom outside.

Step 4

Run the packing tape centre vertical of the upright carton, approximately five inches from the bottom

Step 5

From this point keep running the tape along the joining seam of the two folded larger bottom flaps, then up approx 5 inches vertically of the upright carton on the opposite starting side

Step 6

Once your box has been set up, cover the base of the inside of the container with butchers paper scrunched up. ( This will create a cushioning effect.)

Step 7

An alternative is to use linen as a bottom layer,  protecting your valuables much the same way as a shock absorber operates in a motor vehicle.

Step 8

Plan the items to be packed (i.e. you wouldn't pack detergents with food items).
Once this is complete, you can then start packing your valuables

Step 9

A good rule of thumb, every one carton should have two-thirds china, one-third padding.

Wrap all china and glassware pieces separately - then stack in the carton on their ends or edges.
After each layer of china or glassware place another layer of padding - ensure there is also sufficient padding on the sides of the carton and finally on the top

Step 10

For ease of carriage, pack a mixture of light and heavy items in large boxes. Pack cartons right to the top or fill right to the top with padding, BUT don't overfill
Fold the top flaps of the container in the same manner as the bottom flaps and tape up securely
Label each container with name, room and brief description of the goods, to enable easy placement of the box at delivery