How to compare removals quotes online

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The safest way to compare quotes from different removalist is to make sure you tell them all the same thing.

It's always best to use an online quote form and only use a removalist that gives you access to this info at any time, you will also need to advise if you want them to pack your boxes or you will do this yourself.


ACCESSIBILITY to your home

Before your removalists can start the move, the truck must be placed as near as possible to the building.

Think about the access at delivery also, note that if we have quoted for delivery to an address with good access and the truck cannot get close to the property this will add to costs of the move, as more time will be needed.


The guys are friendly and helpful men who have trained removalists with considerable experience. They will not need anyone to stand over them to ensure they are careful.

They will not mind if you want to help with the smaller things, but please remember that they are ultimately responsible for the safe delivery of your possessions. Moving furniture interstate is heavy work requiring continuous mental and physical effort so the odd tea break goes down well and gives them the chance to answer any questions you may have


Check fitted wardrobes, lofts, airing cupboards, garages and sheds. It is solely your responsibility to ensure that everything is taken.

DELIVERY – It is essential that someone is on hand when the van arrives so that the removalists can be told where to put each item as it is unloaded. Your furniture will be placed where you want it providing it is reasonably possible to do this.

Labelling boxes save time. It is a good idea to have a set room for boxes which will not be unpacked straight away to avoid clutter in the main places.

Check with the interstate removals team, that the truck is clear of your goods and that any unique items have been placed in a designated area.

They are not there to continually move your furniture about the new house while you decide where you want things, so it is a good idea to either have a plan or to watch what they are bringing in and find a spot for it